15/17 Hickson Rd, Dawes Point, NSW 2000
UTS Bachelor of Architecture _ Communications 2 by Miguel Rodriguez Casellas
Re-interpreting Sydney Theatre Company wharf through time, movement, dynamism and event by using graphical technique and thoughts from Daniel Libeskind’s The Garden.

Spaces and events are not bounded by existing structures. Thus, by relocating the structural and spatial elements to focus on the dynamic spaces around the Sydney Theatre Company wharf. These dynamic spaces can be defined as a simultaneous coexistence of the historical past in 1920s, recent past in 1970s and the future of the building. The Wharf cannot be illustrated only by the past and the present element due to this characteristic of fluid like continuous evolution of the past and the future to depict the present. All these events are dissected and interrupted by existing structures and elements to deny the standard ideas of time. Dominating structures exist to hold up the building as well as intertwine all the events and spaces inside the building. 
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