KHU Bachelor of Industrial Design _ Objects 
Construction and demolition is a contrasting correlation, whereas, in traditional oriental  philosophy, those which are contradictory can be harmonious in a way. For instance, looking at South Korea’s traditional architecture called hanok. It has a yard ‘Madang’ which has a property of both outdoor space and indoor space. Residents can experience a constructive situation as a house and de-constructivism experience as outside space of an inside space. This contradictory relationship can be found in not only traditional architecture but also in normal life and history. 
By eliminating and de-constructing table legs and a basic top plate, I have destroyed the basic structure of a desk. This structure expresses mass by hanging from the wall and thin and long structure de-constructs the basic proportion of a desk. Therefore, I reinterpreted the Korean traditional aesthetics to modern beauty by showing Madang physically and by change of proportion. By focusing on this value, I’m trying to combine this value to suggest a new platform of furniture. 
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