UTS Bachelor of Architecture _ Design Studio 5 : Distruptive Facade _ Biomimetics by Linda Matthews
14A Westwood Way, Bella Vista NSW 2153, Sydney, Australia
Data centre as a mediatheque, with the private spaces encapsulated by the public spaces. This is due to the directionality of technology, as the older technology is the smaller and more numerous it becomes. In doing so, creates a juxtaposition between intimidation and invitation, as the server room must be impenetrable due to privacy, whereas the public must be inviting.

Intimidation is created through unfamiliarity and chaos, as the blood vessels of the data centre (water pipes, AC tubes, electricity and structure) are shifted in a variety of scales, warped and collaged to create this effect. Invitation is created through the transformation of the intimidating pipes, as they become ordered, regular and classical. The change in scale of these pipes is in such a way that creates a fractal effect drawing people into the data centre.
Biomemetic Precedents of Butterfly Wing, Moth's Peg and Lyme Disease
General Plan
Planar organisation details a distinctive relationship between the data centre and the water tank, as they are in a symbiotic relationship. The cooling of the servers is dependent on the water obtained from the thank and in return all rainwater received from the roof is filtered, then stored in this water tank. This affected the form and the scale of the two. 
Another feature is the Diffusion Limited Aggregation system that organising the servers, obtained through the biomemetic study of slime growth. Rather than trying to achieve a patially efficient system, priorities were shifted towards a network in which resembles how the servers relate to each other, as well as improve navigation for the users that operate or maintain the machines in this space. The purpose of the technology shifts outwards, as it converts from a practical to an achival usage of data mediatheque.
Perspectival Section
Sectional Details
The longitudinal section illustrates the discrete geometries slowly evolve into curvy worm like forms (obtained through a biomemetic analysis of Lyme Disease), in aim to control the occupancy of the public, these shifts in forms generate feelings of curiosity and intimidation respectively, due to the nature of the forms. The entrance of the infrastructure holds the idea of hidden and low height entrance that blocking the view of interior from the exterior. It creates exaggeration of expansion of interior height while elevating the stairs to create nofications of being the main entrance.

The floor slabs in the server room directly the rising hot air extracted from the servers into funnels, in which they are then cooled and returned into the server room. Air can be predominantly recycled as humans rarely occupy this space. This allows for variation of ceiling heights as different technologies (whether it be quantum computers or current issue of server racks) have different spatial requirements, optimising spatial efficiency from a sectional perspective.  
Event Snapshots and Details of Facade, Public Space, Transitional forms and Server Room
The Facade conveys that it is saturated with discrete geometries. As shown, the variation of scales create a fractal like affect, as the closer the public approaches the building, the more details appear, whilst elements of the facade escape the peripheral vision. This tunneling effect draws people into the public spaces of the building, as their curiosity is satisfied with the information made publicaly available in the data centre.

The space expands greatly not only horizontally, but vertically as well as the ceiling is extremely tall whilst the ground appears to be crumbling beneath. The spatial quality of compression and expansion is in the aim to create the sublime as the overwhelming nature of this sapce further empahsises the sinister qual8ities of the viral forms, subconsciously  steering the public away from the server rooms.

The relationship between the viral and discrete forms are made for distinctly shown in this view. That is the logic, classical order and sysmmetry is lost during the transition into the viral forms. These devices of classical structure and order ground the chaos to reduce the possible intimidating aspects of the discrete forms, transforming the complicated into complexity, making these forms easier to read and conceptualise.

This image displays a room devoid of humans and designed for commputers. The shift in scale between the ceiling heights is also visualised. The slabs are raised floor slbas, where all the system structures connections are made beneath the false floor. The exaggerated thickness of the floor creates an ease of repair, maintenance and installation of server racks. 
Physical Model of the Architecture and 1:1 Scale of Desk Located in the Public Area
The Physical model is created in a CNC milling of timber slab with Black oil finish for the surrounding sites. Highlighted the architecture with 3D printed technique using soluble support structure in matte white finish.

Chunk of a table located in the public area of the data centre. It juxtaposes the the form and the texture with the structure and the lighting. It highlights the freeform curve to create an grotesqueness and unfamiliarity to users. Created in 3 different sizes of pipes, laser cut top and with copper bending technique.
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